Annals of the M.B.C. - vol. 1° - n° 1 - September 1987


The Second Meeting of the "Mediterranean Burns Club" will be on September 15 through 18, 1988 in Palermo, Italy.

        The scientific programme includes:
       - Establishment of a Standard Burn Therapy Protocol
       - Fire Disaster: natural disaster, industrial
       - Disaster, conflict.

For further information contact: Michele Masellis, M.D.
Divisione di Chirurgia Plastica e Terapia delle Ustioni Ospedale Civico - Via C. Lazzaro - 90127 - Palermo - Italy.


Award of the G. Whitaker International
Burns Prize-Palermo, Italy, for 1987.

In the course of a meeting held on March 21st 1987 at the seat of the G. Whitaker Foundation, Palermo, after examining the scientific activity in the field of research, teaching, clinical organization, prevention and cooperation among the nations, presented by various candidates, in the light of the consideration guiding the analysis of the high level of candidates, the Adjudicating Committee unanimously decided to award the prize for 1987 to FRANJO ZDRAVIC, M.D. Professor of the University Department for Plastic Surgery and Burns, Medical Center LJUBLJANA (Yugoslavia).
The prize is awarded because FRANJO ZDRAVIC has, with unflagging commitinclit in study, research and therapy, contributed to define the Burn Disease and its treatment as a specific discipline; he has collaborated in the realization and organization of Burn Centres in his country and numerous others; he has developed a vast programme for the qualified formation of medical and paramedical staff-, he has promoted international collaboration and cooperation in the field of the prevention, treatment and functional recovery of burns.
The official prize-giving of this prestigious award will be held on June 18th 1987 in Palermo at the seat of the G. Whitaker Foundation in the course of a ceremony in the presence of authorities and representatives of the academic, scientific and cultural world.


G. Whitaker International Burns Prize-Palermo, Italy, under the patronage of the Authorities of the Sicilian Region, for 1988.

By Law no. 57 of June 14th 1983 the Sicilian Regional Assembly authorized the President of the Region to grant the "Giuseppe Whitaker Foundation", a non-profit making organization under the patronage of the Accademia del Lincei, with seat in Palermo, an annual contribution for the establishment of a "G. Whitaker International Burns Prize" aimed at recognizing the activity of the most qualified experts from all countries in the field of burns pathology and treatment.
The amount of the prize is fixed at twenty million Italian lire.
The prize will be awarded every year by the month of June at the Palermo seat of the G. Whitaker Foundation.
The adjudicating committee is composed of the President of the Foundation, the President of the Sicilian Region, the representative of the Accademia dei Lincei within the G. Whitaker Foundation, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Palermo University, the President of the Italian Society of Plastic Surgery, a legal expert, the previous year's prize-winner, and not fewer than three experts in the bums field nominated in agreement with the President of the Region as a guarantee of the respect for the scientific purposes which the legislators intended to achieve when establishing the prize.
Anyone who considers himself to be qualified to complete for the award may send by January 31st, 1988 his detailed curriculum vitae to Dr. Michele Masellis M.D., Secretary-Member of the Scientific Committee G. Whitaker Foundation, Via Dante 167, 90141 Palermo, Italy.


The European Centre for Disaster Medicine (CEMEC)

CEMEC, situated in San Marino, was established in 1986 under the aegis of the Council of Europe. The aim of CEMEC is to promote che prevention and the mitigation of the effects of natural and technological disasters through research, tra:.ning programmes and international collaboration, in particular among the countries of Europe.
In cooperation with the Council of Europe, the World Health Organization, the Office of the United Nations Disaster Relief Coordinator, universities and other specialized bodies, CEMEC thus brings its humanitarian and scientific contribution to the efforts against the suffering and destruction caused by disasters.
CEMEC collaborates closely with the MBC.
In its forthcoming prograrrime of courses from 17 October to 5 November 1988, three training days are reserved for the management of burn disasters, coordinated by the MBC.


Le Centre européen pour la Médecine des Catastrophes

CEMEC, situé à Saint-Marin, a été créé en 1986 sous l'égide du Conseil de l'Europe. Le but du CEMEC est de promouvoir la pré,/ention et l'atténuation des effets des catastrophes naturelles et technologiques à travers des études, des progmmmes de formation et d'échanges internationaux et iinterrégionaux, en particulier entre les pays de l'Europe.
En collaboration avec le Conseil de l'Europe, l'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé, le Coordonnateur des Nations Unies pour les Secours en cas de Catastrophe, des universités ct d'autres organismes spécialisés, le CEMEC apportc ainsi sa contribution scientifique et humanitaire à la lutte contre la souffrance et la dévastation dues aux catastrophes.
CEMEC collabore étroitement avec le M.B.C. Dans son programme de cour; de formation, du 17 octobre au 5 novembre 1988, 3 jours sont consacrés aux problèmes de brûlures de masse, coordonnés par le MBC.


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