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Volume XXVII

Number 2

June 2014

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59 Editorial
(M. Masellis, S.W.A. Gunn)
60 EBA - MBC
(Peter M. Vogt, Bishara S. Atiyeh)
61 The burn disease: a disease of great value in the cultural heritage of plastic surgery
(Mazzoleni F. - Italy)
70 Pediatric burns in Mosul: an epidemiological study
(Al-Zacko S.M., Zubeer H.G., Mohammad A.S. - Iraq)
76 Prévention de la maladie thromboembolique veineuse chez le brűlé
(Siah S., El Farouki A. - Maroc)
82 High voltage electrical injury: an 11-year single center epidemiological study
(Lipový B., Kaloudová Y., ?? Ríhová H., Chaloupková Z., Kempný T., Suchanek I., Brychta P. - Czech Republic)
87 Telemedicine and burns: an overview
(Atiyeh B., Dibo S.A., Janom H.H. - Lebanon)
94 The use of telemedicine in burn care: development of a mobile system for TBSA documentation and remote assessment
(Parvizi D., Giretzlehner M., Dirnberger J., Owen R., Haller H.L., Schintler M.V., Wurzer P., Lumenta D.B., Kamolz L.P. - Austria)
101 Smartphones and burn size estimation: "Rapid Burn Assessor"
(Kamolz L.P., Lumenta D.B., Parvizi D., Dirnberger J., Owen R., Höller J., Giretzlehner M. - Austria)
105 Frostbite injury of the breast: a case report
(Öksüz S., Eren F., Sever C., Ülkür E. - Turkey)
107 MBC news
108 International abstracts
110 Announcements
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