Ann. Medit. Burns Club - voL VII - n. 2 - June 1994


will be held from 28 may to 2 june 1995 Jerusalem, Israel
Dr. Yakov Adler, Chairman, Organizing Committee

During the 7th of the World Congress on Emergency and Disaster Medicine in Montreal, it was decided that the 9th Congress will be held in Jerusalem, Israel on May 28 -June 2, 1995.
The theme of the Congress will be '1ntegration of Agencies - The Key for Successful Management of Disasters."
The Congress will focus on the interdisciplinary approach to disaster planning and management, facilitating the exchange of views and experience between members of rescue, security, community and medical services.
The latest experience in civil strife, war situations, industrial transportation and natural disasters will be presented and discussed, with active partecipation of delegates in "Table Top Exercises."

The three main issues comprising the majority of the session of this Congress are

  1. reviews of different classes of disasters and man made accidents,Secretariat
  2. cooperation and coordination between all participating agencies, bodies and organizations at the disaster site,and
  3. the education of the general public in the disasterresponses by everyday citizens.

The congress will conclude with an interagency, coordinated disaster response exercise, to be presented on the final day.
For this 9WCEDM, the scientific organizing committee has selected a new format for WADEM's World Congress, which will offer a unique opportunity for the active participation of delegates. Each day will be dedicated to a leading subject, and will commence with an introduction by an invited guest lecturer. The daily key subject will be presented by a "table top" exercise with the active participation of volunteers from the audience who will receive, in advance, the exercise file. the scenario of the incident will be presented by video films, slides and by instructors, and the audience will participate as referees. Workshop on relevant subjects related to disasters will be conducted simultaneously to the exercises and summed-up at the end of the day in roundtable discussions. There will also be exhibitions including audio and visual means: computer self teaching programs and research techniques.
Jerusalem, where the Congress is being held, is a nodal point of history, both ancient and modern, and the birthplace of three great religions. Rich in archaeology, art and culture, and blessed with exquisite natural beauty and an ideal Mediterranean climate, it is a perfect place to combine science and travel.

Plan now to join us in 1995 for a very special World Congress. For further information, please contact:
9th World Congress on Emergency Medicine and Disaster Medicine
P.O. Box 50008, Tel Aviv 61500, Israel
Tel: 972 3 5140014
Fax: 972 3 5175674/680325


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