Ann. Medit. Burns Club - vol. VIII - n. 3 - September 1995


Readers and bibliographers will note that, beginning with this issue, the title of this journal now appears as Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters, replacing the name but continuing the contents of the publication hitherto called Annals of the Mediterranean Burns Club.

This also reflects the official change of the name of the organization from The Mediterranean Bums Club to The Mediterranean Club for Burns and Fire Disasters. This is not a mere nomenclatorial variance; the new name emphasizes the importance that this organization attaches to the synergism between burns as an individual, medical problem, and fires as a societal, disaster management problem.

The MBC - for the abbreviation remain unchanged - has been the pioneer in emphasizing and promoting this symbiosis as a logical progression of its scientific, clinical and humanitarian work in favour of burn patients and victims of fire disasters.


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