Ann. Medit. Burns Club - vol. VIII - n. 3 - September 1995



It is the editors' custom to publish the reports presented by the President and the Secretary General at the MBC Annual General Assembly.
The last General Assembly was held on the occasion of the 8th Congress at La Coruha (Spain) on 26-29 October 1994. A number of interesting matters were discussed, the most important of which regarded some modifications to the MBC Statute, the frequency and dates of future Conferences, and the programme and modalities of MBC' s entry into the international information circuit, Internet. The modifications to the Statute that were approved could not be ratified by the Italian tribunal where the Articles of Association of the MBC are deposited because during the Assembly at La Corufla no official deed was drawn up by a notary public.
It was therefore necessary to call another Assembly of Members in the presence of a notary public. The opportunity was provided by the holding of the Third International Conference on Bums and Fire Disasters in Palermo from 5 to 8 June 1995. For reasons of space we publish in this issue only the modifications to the Statute relative to the MBC's change of denomination, the title of the Club Journal, and some administrative procedures that have become necessary in order to satisfy certain bureaucratic and fiscal requirements which the Administration of the Sicilian Regional Government has advanced in order to be able to make its financial contribution to the Club.
We will publish the reports of the La Coruha Conference in the next issue. We apologize to Members for this delay, which is due to circumstances beyond our control.


G. Dogo

Secretariat: Divisione di Chirurgia Plastica e Terapia delle Ustioni, Ospedale Civicc, USL 58, Via C. Lazzaro, 90127 Palermo, Italy. Tel.: 91.6063631/6063634/6663631/6663634. Fax: 91.596404
[The following Constitution supersedes the version printed in Annals ofthe Mediterranean Burns Club, vol. VIII, no. 1, p. 40, March 19951


Article 1

The MEDITERRANEAN CLUB FOR BURNS AND FIRE DISASTERS (MBC) is hereby constituted. It was originally founded in 1983 as the "Mediterranean Bums Club" with the aim of creating a permanent dialogue on bums among specialists from the countries of the Mediterranean basin linked by common historical, cultural and intellectual ties, in the spirit of Art. 2 of the ISBI (International Society of Bum Injuries) Statute, which at points 4 and 5 states the following aims:

4) to encourage the highest standard of care in all countries and to give them the most valid contribution by all possible means;

5) to encourage co-operation among all countries through the exchange of information by all possible means.

Article 2

All burns and fire disaster experts from Mediterranean countries may join

the Club. Leading specialists from non-Mediterranean countries may be admitted as Associate Members at the Club's discretion.

Article 3

The purpose of the Mediterranean Club for Burns and Fire Disasters is: to call meetings at times and in places to be decided on each occasion to consider a particular theme in seminars or panels followed by ample free or prearranged discussions; to seek appropriate ways and means to disseminate the results of such meetings; to integrate - by means of communications between individual Members - information, knowledge, studies and research and any other elements that may enrich the cultural and intellectual wealth of the Club; to promote the integration of the individual types of culture in the various Mediterranean countries by assisting young physicians to enter the field of bums research; to assist in the preparation and development of research programmes among Members with a view to increasing, strengthening and extending links and personal co-operation in the various countries.

Article 4

The Representatives of the Mediterranean countries present at the "Meeting of Bums Specialists from the Mediterranean Area" hold in Palermo on 15th September 1983 constitute the Founder Members of the Club.

Article 5

The Scat of the Club is the City of Palermo, Italy, promoter of the First Meeting of Burns Specialists from the Mediterranean area.

Article 6

Ordinary Members of the Club, who include the Founder Members, are appointed among specialists in burns pathology and in fire disaster from all the Mediterranean countries.

Article 7

The Assembly appoints the President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer who remain in office for three years and may be re-appointed; approves the general direction of the Club's activities, as formulated by the President and the Secretary General; approves the admission of new Members and determines the Membership fees; and approves the budget.

For the approval of the budget in years when the Assembly will be unable to meet, the Assembly appoints beforehand, in its last meeting, a Committee that will have the function of approving the budget. The Committee will remain in office until the next Assembly and will be composed of at least five Members. The President and the Secretary General are Members by right of the Committee.
The Secretary General will represent the Club for administrative purposes, and will therefore provide for the presentation of the annual programme and collection of contributions supplied by the State, the Regions, local Bodies and in general by any public or private body, and represent the Club before any administrative Authority of the State (including tax offices).
If the Assembly in proceeding to appoint the Secretary General should nominate for this office a Member not residing in Palermo, the above-mentioned administrative functions will be assigned to the Treasurer for the entire period during which the Secretary General not residing in Palermo remains in office.

Article 8

The Club's financial resources are constituted by the contributions of the Members, by donations and by any other contribution.

Article 9

The Club is a non-profit making organization and any financial assets are reinvested for the advancement of the aims of the Club.

30-31 mal, 1 juin 1996
Tunis (Tunisie)

Thèmes principaux: Brûlures et Prévention des Désastres d'Incendie du FeuOrganisé par la Société Tunisienne de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructice Maxillo-faciale et Esthétique

Secrétariat scientifique: Service de Chirurgie Plastique
Hôpital Aziza Othmana
Place de la Kasbah 1008 Tunis, Tunisie
Tel.: 216-1-663-638, 216-1-663-640
Fax: 216-1-563-971

30-31 May, 1 June 1996
Tunis (Tunisia)

Main Topics: Bums and the Prevention of Fire Disasters
Organized by the Tunisian Society of Plastic Reconstructive
Maxillo-Facial and Aesthetic Surgery

Scientific secretariat: Service de Chirurgie Plastique
Hôpital Aziza Othmana
Place de la Kasbah 1008 Tunis, Tunisia
Tel.: 216-1-663-638, 216-1-663-640
Fax: 216-1-563-971


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