December 19th Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries ISB - New Delhi - INDIA
September 1st Congress of the Pan Arab Federation for Reconstructive Microsurgery - Beirut- Lebanon
May 20 th MBC Meeting Bucarest - ROMANIA
March 7th International Burn Congress - Iran University of Medical Sciences- in Theran- Iran
February 3rd Symposium : Chirurgie de Guerre et de Catastrophe in Rabat-Morocco
October 23rd National Congress of Società Italiana Ustioni -SIUST, Italian Society Burns in Napoli-Italy
September 17th Ueropean Burns Association Congress - Barcelona- SPAIN
August 17th Congress of the South African Burn Society -Cape Town - SOUTH AFRICA
May 48th Middle East Medical Assembly -First Global Conflict Medicine Congress in Beirut -Lebanon
April The 11th Asia Pacefic Burn Congress -Taipei -TAIWAN
January Teaching Burn Symposium - Department of Surgery, Division Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at American University of Beirut Medical center -AUBMBC in Beirut -Lebanon
November 2nd Conference of Association of Kosovo and Albanian Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons with International Participation in Pristina-Kosovo
October 22nd National Congress of Società Italiana Ustioni-SIUST, Italian Society Burns in Alghero-Italy
September 16th EBA Congress in Hannover -Germany
May 9th Nacional Congress of the Portuguesa Society of Burns and Annual Meeting of the Association of Burns Patient Friends in Troia - Portugal
October International ROAPS Congress and EBA Course on Burns, in Sinaia- Romania
October Mise en Place D'un Plan Catastrophe National Pour la Prise En Charge Des Brulés Au Liban­- Third World Congress of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent in Beirut-Lebanon
October 1st Instructional Course on Burns and Advanced Burn life Support in Sibenik -Croatia
September Third Congress of Pediatric Surgeons of Serbia Workshop " Current Attitude in the Treatment of Burns and Scars"in Nis-Serbia
June 34th Congress SFTBin Toulouse -France
April NVZB 40 Jaar Jubileum ( 40th Anniversary Conference of the Dutch Burn Foundation) in Arnheim- The Nederland
March Middle East Wound and Scar Meeting in Dubai UAE
January 6th International Workshop on Thecnology in Paris-France
November 1st Albanian -Kosovo Conference for Burns and Plastic Surgery- IVth Conference of ASPAS, MBC Instructional Course in Tirana-Albania
August 15th European Burns Association Congress, Vienna, Austria
May 4th International Burns & Wound Healing Symposium and Surgical Master Class, Hong Kong-China
November 13th Pan Arab Association for Burns and Plastic Surgery ( PABS) in Doha, Qatar
October 20th of Italian Burn Society- SIUST in Brindisi, Italy
March/April 16th Meeting of Mediterranean Council for Burns and Fire Disasters in coll. with IAHM (Istanbul, Turkey)
October MBC Instructional Course in coll. with IAHM (Belgrade, Serbia)
April MBC Instructional Course in coll. with IAHM (Bucharest, Romania)
May 15th Meeting of Mediterranean Council for Burns and Fire Disasters in coll. with IAHM (Athens, Greece)
September 61st Annual DPI/NGO Conference "Reaffirming Human Rights for All" UNESCO in coll. with IAHM (Paris, France)
October "MBC Instructional Course on burns and fire disasters" in coll. with IAHM (Malta)
February MBC Instructional Course in coll. with IAHM (Tunis, Tunisia)
May 14th Meeting of MBC in coll with IAHM (Casablanca, Morocco)
October "International Conference on Current Problems of Health and Society: the right to ask to duty to help - The resurgence of nucleear violence and instability" organized by IAHM and Pugwash Mouvement in coll. with MBC (Palermo, Italy)
October 13th Meeting of MBC in coll. with IAHM (Nicosia, Cyprus)
November "Basil Fuleiman Seminar for Burns " State of the art in burn treatment" in assoc. MBC and IAHM
February The Rotary International district 2100, Rotary Club Napoli Est, Rotary International, Rotary Club Palermo Est, in collaboration with the MBC, the International Association of Humanitarian Medicine, the Medical Society of WHO, The international Federation of Surgical Colleges and the local Italian authorities, presented the 3rd International Symposium "Humanitarian Medicine Promotes International Understanding/Right to Health and Humanitarian Action" held in Naples (Italy)
December The IAHM, the 2nd University "Tor Vergata" - Rome, the Lazio Region, in coll with MBC, IFSC, Italian Red Cross presented the 4th International Symposium on "Humanitarian Medicine and Health for All" held in Rome (Italy)
March The MBC, in collaboration with the International Association of Humanitarian Medicine and the local Italian authorities, presented the 2nd International Symposium "Right to Health and Humanitarian Action" held in Modena (Italy)
November The MBC, in collaboration with the International Association of Humanitarian Medicine and the local Italian authorities, was presented the Inaugural Symposium on Health and Humanitarian Action.
March The President of the Club, Prof. S.W.A. Gunn, and the Secretary General, Prof. M. Masellis, were invited to attend the Special International Symposium on Health and Human Rights held at the Council of Europe, Strasburg.
April The MBC facilitated the sending of a humanitarian convoy sent by AMELISAP France requering the collaboration of the Italian Civil Defence Department.
September Prof. Gunn presents a proposal to the High Commissioner for Human Rights concerning "Man-conceivied disasters"
October Prof. Gunn lectured at the University of Geneva on Humanitarian Medicine.
April A section of five beds has been set up in the Department of Plastic Surgery and Burns Therapy at Civic Hospital Palermo the seat of the Mediterranean Burns Club - WHO Collaborating Centre. In the spirit of humanitarian action this section is dedicated to hospitalize and care for patients from developing Countries or geographical areas in critical socio-economic situations. So far patients have been treated from Albania, Kosovo, and Syria sent by humanitarian organizations through Embassies. Other hospitals have been invited to adopt similar initiatives with the intention of creating an international network of humanitarian medical assistance. A section is being set up at the Department of Pediatrics Children's Burn Unit directed by Prof. Marija Trop in Graz (Austria). Link-ups have also been made with XII Octubre Hospital, Valencia (Spain), where patients from Bangladesh are treated. Anybody who thinks they can organize such a humanitarian medicine section in their hospital and wish to help to extend this network can contact the Secretariat of the Mediterranean Club for Burns and Fire Disasters, fax +39 091 596404, e-mail mbcpa@medbc.com
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