International scientific participation

The MBC has presented papers at various international scientific meetings both on invitation and at its own initiative:

  • 1° Reuniao Cientifica da Sociedade Portuguesa de Queimaduras
    (Lisbon, Portugal, 22-23 October 1999);
  • 2nd World Congress on Tissue Banking and 8th International Conference of EATB
    (Warsaw, Poland, 7-10 October 1999)
  • Recent Trends in Burns
    Organized by Kuwait Society of Plastic Surgeons
    (Kuwait City, 11-13 April 1999)
  • 11th Congress World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) "Global Concord for Mitigation of Acute Deaths Multidisciplinary Efforts"
    (Osaka, Japan, 10-13 May 1999);
  • Simposium sobre Quemaduras y Desastres producidos por el Fuego Organized by 1er Congreso Internacional sobre Prevencion de Desastres Nates rales en el Mediterraneo
    (Valencia, Spain, 4-7 May 1999);
  • European Conference on Health and Human Rights, Council of Europe
    (Strasbourg, France, 15-16 March 1999);
  • Collaboration with Arlenika Association to realize Amazone Project
    (Palermo, Italy, 26 Jan 1999);
  • 5th Pan Arabic Congress of Burns and Plastic Surgery
    (Tunis, Tunisia, 21-23 November 1998);
  • II Workshop: Managing the informatization process in Health Care
    (Palermo, Italy, 14 November 1998);
  • Convegno sui Grandi Rischi: la sfida dei grandi rischi alla soglia del nuovo millennio
    (Florence, Italy, 3-8 November 1998);
  • Symposium on Burns
    Turkish Society on Burns
    (Ankara, Turkey, 23-25 May 1998);
  • St. Petersburg Meeting of WHO collaborating Centre
    (St. Petersburg, Russian, 6-12 April 1998);
  • 1ª Conferenza Provinciale di Protezione Civile
    (Palermo, Italy, 26-27 March 1998)
  • Journées du Service de Brulés et Chirurgie Plastique
    Centre Hopitalier Universitaire I.B.N. Rochd
    (Casablanca, Morocco, 4-5 December 1997);
  • Colloque International: "La Chirurgie Plastique Humanitaire aides les pays en voie de dévellopement?"
    (Lyon, France, 15 November 1997);
  • Symposium on: Human rights, Humanitarian Law and Ethics in Disasters Situation
    (Rep. San Marino, 14-15 November 1997);
  • Seminario: "Problemi di intervento negli incendi in galleria"
    Università degli Studi di Salermo - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile
    (Salerno, Italy, 15 October 1997)
  • 10th World Congress on Emergency and Disaster Medicine
    (Mainz, German, 24-27 September 1997);
  • International Congress of European Burn Association (EBA)
    (Leuven, Belgium, 13 September 1997);
  • The Fourth Congress of the Pan Arab Association for Burns and Plastic Surgery (PABS PS)
    (Aleppo, Syria, 14-17 September 1997);
  • 37th World Congress of Surgery - Inter. Fed. Surgeon College
    (Acapulco, Mexico, 24-30 August 1997);
  • International Symposium "Advance in the therapy of burn children"
    (Graz, Austria, 5-7 July 1997);
  • 8th European Congress IPRAS
    (Lisbon, Portugal, 22-25 June 1997);
  • The First Joint Russian - American Meeting Burns and Fire Disasters
    (S.Petersburg, Russia, 16-20 June 1997);
  • Corso di perfezionamento universitario in tecniche sanitarie di Protezione Civile
    XI giornate Pisane di Chirurgia d'urgenza
    (Pisa - Bergamo, Italy, 11-14 June 1997)
  • Convegno: Due proposte per il Mediterraneo
    Università degli Studi di Palermo-Istituto di Radiologia
    (Palermo, Italy, 13-14 June 1997)
  • 1ª Conferenza Nazionale sulla Protezione Civile ed il Servizio Sociale dei Vigili del Fuoco
    Dipartimento della Protezione Civile
    (Castelnuovo di Porto, Italy, 9-11 June 1997)
  • International Workshop on quality Control of Health Disaster Management
    (Goteborg, Sweden, 5-9 March 1997)
  • Burns and Fire Disasters
    Seventh International Training Course
    European Centre for Disaster Medicine CEMEC
    (Rep. San Marino, 21-22 November 1996)
  • International Symposium "Refuge health and mass population displacement disaster"
    (San Marino 28-29 October 1996)
  • International Workshop on Disaster Reduction in the Mediterranean Region Italian Civil Defense Department
    (Rome, Italy. 27-29 Sept 1996);
  • Conference of the Czech Burn Society on "Quality of life in severe Burns"
    (Prague, Czech Republic, 14-19 September 1996)
  • Task force on quality control of disaster management
    (Goteborg, Sweden, 26-28 June 1996);
  • E.U. Workshop on Disaster Medicine - Stockholm County Council Emergency and Disaster Planning Division
    (Stockholm, Sweden, 12-14 June 1996);
  • Innovative Training for Europe
    (Bruxelles, Belgie, 18-20 April 1996);
  • Third Pan-Arab Congress of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burns
    (Beirut, Lebanon 21-24 March 1996);
  • Management of refugee health and mass population displacement disaster (CEMEC)
    (Rep. S. Marino - 21 November 1995);
  • 6th Congress on Burns, Fire Disaster and Symposium on Plastic Surgery
    (Kosice Slovakia 18 - 20 September 1995);
  • 6th International Congress of European Burn Association (EBA)
    (Verona, Italy, 13 - 15 September 1995);
  • 9th World International Congress on Emergency and Disaster Medicine
    (Jerusalem, May 28 - 2 June 1995);
  • '95 International Conference on Disaster and Emergency Medicine
    (Shanghai, China 18 - 20 April 1995);
  • Second Conference of Pan Arab Association of Plastic & Burns Surgeon in collaboration with 25th Annual Meeting of Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    (Cairo 15 - 18 March 1995);
  • 9th Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI)
    (Paris 26-30 June 1994);
  • Hellenic Society of Disaster Medicine - Foundation Ceremony
    (Athens, Greece, November 1993);
  • International Symposium on Burns
    (Prague Czech Rep., September 1993);
  • 8th World Congress on Emergency and Disaster Medicine
    Organized by World Association for Emergency and Disaster Medicine (WAEDM)
    (Stockholm, June 1993);
  • Symposium on Disaster Management and Military Medicine
    (Florence, Italy, March 1993);
  • Simposium sobre Prevencion y tratamiento de las Quemaduras
    (Valladolid, Spain, November 1992);
  • Health aspects of industrial and nuclear disasters
    Fifth International Training Course - European Centre for Disaster Medicine (CEMEC)
    (Rep. San Marino, 3-7 November 1992)
  • Meeting on prevention campaign on Burns, Civic Hospital
    (Brindisi, Italy, April 1992);
  • Second Asian Pacific Conference on Disaster Medicine
    (Chiba, Japan, September 1992);
  • First Jerusalem Conference of the Israel Burns Association
    (Jerusalem June 1992);
  • International Congress of Health Emergencies in Technological Disasters
    (Rome, May 1992);
  • Conference on Burns at the Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery and Burns Centre
    (Moscow, February 1992);
  • Joint Meeting with the Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    (Cairo, February 1992);
  • Health aspects of industrial and nuclear disasters
    Fifth International Training Course - European Centre for Disaster Medicine (CEMEC)
    (Rep. San Marino, 21-25 November 1991)
  • 5th International Training Course CEMEC - European Centre for Disaster Medicine
    (San Marino, October 1991);
  • 4th Meeting of EBA: Europe Burn Association
    (Barcelona, September 1991);
  • 12th Meeting of the French Society of Study and Treatment of Burns
    (La Baule, France, September 1991);
  • Disaster Management Prospects in the New Europe. University of Bradford
    (September 1991);
  • Symposium on Disaster. UCLA University of California
    (Los Angeles, July 1991);
  • Third Congress of Slovak Society of Burns Surgery
    (Kosice, Slovakia, June 1991);
  • 7th World Congress on Emergency and Disaster Medicine
  • AMELISAP: Association des Médecins Libéraux Sapeurs Pompiers
    (Montpellier, April 1991);
  • Course on Management of major and specific disasters CEMEC
    (San Marino, November 1990);
  • First International Symposium on the Prevention and Treatment of Burns
    (Bilbao, Spain, February 1990);
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