Honorary Founding President
G. Dogo, M.D.
President Emeritus
S.W.A. Gunn M.D.

La Panetiere
1279 Bogis-Bossey
Tel. +41.22.7762161
Fax +41.22.7766417
e-mail: swagunn@bluewin.ch
Honorary Members:    
D.M. Dargouth M.D.
110, Rue de Palestine
1002 Tunis
J. Escarduça Diaz M.D.
Placa de Alvalade, 2 - 2° dto
1700 Lisboa
A.W. Reda Mabrouk M.D.
33 El Ahram St, App. 32
Heliopolis Cairo
B. Atiyeh M.D.
American Univ. of Beirut
Plast.& Reconstr.Surgery
P.O. Box 113
6044 Beirut
Tel +961 3 340032
Fax +961 1 363291
e-mail: batiyeh@terra.net.lb
General Director
M. Masellis M.D.
Viale Michelangelo 580
90145 Palermo
Tel +39.091.6663631
Fax +39.091.7481642
e-mail: michele.masellis@tin.it
Assistant General Director
A. Masellis M.D.
Viale Michelangelo 580
90145 Palermo
Tel +39.091.6663631
Fax +39.091.7481642
e-mail: alessandro.masellis@gmail.com
General Secretary
Antonino Di Lonardo M.D.
Burn Centre
Cisanello University Hospital
56126 Pisa
Tel + 39 050.992111
e-mail: antdil@inwind.it
Serafim Zinia M.D.
Rua Carlos Josè Barreiros n°3
r/c dt 1000087 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel and Fax + 351 21 849003
e-mail: zserafim@netcapo.pt

Special committees:

Prevention and Health Education - A. Masellis (Italy)
Training and Education - M. Stella M.D. (Italy)
Emergencies and Inter-organizational Cooperation - M. Kadry M.D. (Egypt)
Developing Countries - A Messadi M.D. (Tunisia)
Coordination Scientific Activities - M. Costagliola M.D. (France)
Research - L. Rosenberg M.D. (Israel)
Burns and Fire Disasters Academy - E. Kyriopoulos M.D. (Greece)
Inter-Organizational Cooperation - D. Enescu M.D. (Romania)

Executive committee:

B. Atiyeh - President
M. Masellis - General Director
A. Di Lonardo - General Secretary
S. Zinia - Treasurer
M. Kadry - Chairman of Emergencies Committee and Intern-organizational Cooperation
R. Franka - Chairman of Developing Countries Committee
M. Costagliola - Chairman of Coordination Scientific Activities Committee
L. Rosemberg - Chairman of Research Committee
A. Masellis - Chairman of Prevention and Health Education Committee


Ordinary members : 792
Associate members: 97
Associate societies: 9

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