The MBC is increasingly solicited on the international scene and is firmly anchored as the acknowledged premier professional organization with particular expertise in the combined problems of burns and fire disasters. The MBC's specific activity has met with considerable appreciation on the international level, and the Council has received numerous requests for scientific collaboration.

  • World Health Organization: The MBC is officially a WHO collaborating centre on Prevention and Treatment of Burns and Fire Disasters. WHO has participated in all the major meetings of the MBC and has contributed to its books. The MBC collaborated in the organization of World Health Day designated as Injury Prevention Day. MBC specialists have carried out WHO missions for disasters, including in Poland, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Moldova. The President of MBC is member of the WHO Expert Panel on Disasters. The MBC acts as the focus of fire expertise to the WHO Collaborating Centre for Disasters in San Marino. In 1997 the World Health Organization designed the MBC as scientific "WHO Collaborating Centre", recognizing the valuable contributions of the Council to management of burns as clinical, health problem, and of fire disasters as societal, emergency management problem, the only Centre in the world so designated in this specialized field.In September 2001, MBC organized 2nd Meeting of WHO Collaborating Centres for Emergency Preparedness and Response, in Palermo. The MBC has Regional Representatives worldwide according to the WHO Regions.
  • United Nations: the MBC awards a scholarship in the name of the UN International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction, as a joint IDNDR/MBC scholarship in the management of burns, highlighted with appreciation in the UN publication "Stop Disaster". We shall continue awarding this scholarship annually as part of our support of the UN; see also the IDNDR section.
  • The United Nations Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR 1990-2000) has identified the MBC as one of the principal scientific promoters for the prevention of burns and the management of fire disasters. Annual IDNDR/MBC scholarships are awarded.
  • The United Nations on May 2001 granted the MBC "NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations" for its dedication to complex health issues and human suffering.
  • The European Union (previously Commission of European Communities) looks upon the MBC as a link in its vast programme of Civil Defence and safety of society.
  • The World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) has established close ties with the MBC in its advisory capacity in the sector of damage caused by thermal agents.Owing to the presence in the Council of experts on fire disaster it is expected that this advisory role will be extended. The Council has generously put at the disposal of the Association an Annual MBC/WADEM Scholarship to promote collaboration between the two organizations and to assist scholars in our speciality. The MBC is a Federated Member of WADEM, which is the prime organization on emergency and disaster management worldwide, and many specialists are concurrently members of both organizations. Our President was honoured by being elected President of WADEM from 1993 to 1997 and this distinction is reflected on the MBC.
  • European Centre for Disaster Medicine (CEMEC): The burn courses within the Centre's annual training programme have been assured by MBC through the Secretary-General's Centre. Cemec also is a WHO Collaborating Centre
  • Whitaker Foundation: The Whitaker Foundation has close ties with the MBC, though a completely separate organization/foundation. It celebrated its 15th Anniversary in 1998 and the MBC, as always, takes part in the prizegiving of the International G. Whitaker International Burns Prize. The winners of this important award were present and lectured at the Second International Conference on Burns and Fire Disasters.
  • International Federation of Surgical Colleges: The MBC is a Specialty Member of this worldwide organization. The IFSC held its last meeting in Palermo in conjunction with our Annual Meeting, and a Joint MBC/IFSC scholarship is awarded annually to a young burns surgeon. The MBC President was Vice-President of the IFSC and is now its Secretary General.
  • ICDO: The MBC has been Regional Training Centre of the International Civil Defence Organization. On behalf of the ICDO and on the invitation of the government, the MBC held a Refresher Course in Lahore, Pakistan, at the Department of Civil Defence of the Ministry of the Interior, from 12th to 18th November 1989.
  • Extra-Mediterranean activities: Although far from the Mediterranean, the Pacific Basin is disaster prone fast and is very active in establishing appropriate burn centres and emergency systems. The Council's President is Honorary Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Conferences on Disaster Medicine, and the MBC has been invited to advise on important undertakings. Other European countries have also approached us for such services concerning burns.
  • International Association For Humanitarian Medicine Brock Chisholm: The MBC strongly believes in Humanitarian action and has significantly supported the estabilishment of IAHM
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