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Volume XXVII

Number 3

September 2014

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115 Epidemiology of outpatient burns in Iran: an update
(Karimi H., Motevalian S.A., Momeni M. - Iran)
121 Stevens-Johnson Syndrome triggered by a combination of clobazam, lamotrigine and valproic acid in a 7-year-old child
(Yapici A.K., Fidanci M.K., Kilic S., Balamtekin N., Mutluay Arslan M., Yavuz S.T., Kalman S. - Turkey)
126 Burn injury in epileptic patients: an experience in a tertiary institute
(Akhtar M.S., Ahmad I., Khan A.H., Fahud Khurram M., Haq A. - India)
130 Electric fly swatter: potentially harmful not only for insects?
(Ioannidis S., Spyropoulou G.A., Pavlidis L., Dionyssiou D., Demiri E. - Greece)
132 L'engelure causée par le butane commercial au cours d'un accident industriel
(Assi-Dje Bi Dje V., Abhe C.M., Sie-Essoh J.B., Kouamé K., Vilasco B. - République de Côte d'Ivoire)
136 Use of Xe-Derma®, a novel biological cover, in a female patient with toxic epidermal necrolysis
(Lipový B., Rihová H., Kaloudová Y., Mager R., Suchánek I. - Czech Republic)
141 Skin graft fixation in severe burns: use of topical negative pressure
(Kamolz L.P., Lumenta D.B., Parvizi D., Wiedner M., Justich I., Keck M., Pfurtscheller K., Schintler M. - Austria)
146 Sulfur mustard gas exposure: case report and review of the literature
(Goverman J., Montecino R., Ibrahim A., Sarhane K.A., Tompkins R.G., Fagan S.P. - USA)
151 CASE REPORT: A cause of severe chemical burn: topical application of herbal medicines
(Karacor-Altuntas Z., Ince B., Dadaci M., Altuntas M. - Turkey)
154 The burn registry program in Iran - First report
(Karimi H., Momeni M., Motevalian A., Bahar M.A., Boddouhi N., Alinejad F. - Iran)
160 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Paediatric burns severity index scoring to predict mortality
(K. Mathangi Ramakrishnan, Mathivanan, Mary Babu, Bala Ramachandran, Janani Shankar, Sulochana Putlibai, Amith Toshnival, Padmanabhan Srinivasan - India)
163 MBC news
165 International abstracts
166 Announcements
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