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Volume XXVII

Number 4

December 2014

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171 Analysis of a retrospective double-centre data-collection for the treatment of burns using biological cover Xe-derma
(Klosová H., Klein L., Bláha J. - Czech Republic)
176 Electrical burns: The trend and risk factors in the Ghanaian population
(Agbenorku P., Agbenorku E., Akpaloo J., Obeng G., Agbley D. - Ghana)
184 How important is hydrotherapy? Effects of dynamic action of hot spring water as a rehabilitative treatment for burn patients in Switzerland
(Moufarrij S., Deghayli L., Raffoul W., Hirt-Burri N., Michetti M., de Buys Roessingh A., Norberg M., Applegate L.A. - Switzerland)
192 Effect of immune-enhancing diets on the outcomes of patients after major burns
(Mahmoud W.H., Mostafa W., Abdel-Khalek A.H., Shalaby H. - Egypt)
197 Semi-permanent skin staining associated with silver-coated wound dressing Acticoat
(Zweiker D., Horn S., Hoell A., Seitz S., Walter D., Trop M. - Austria)
201 La greffe de peau totale dans le traitement des séquelles de brűlures de la main et des doigts: A propos de 84 cas
(Boukind S., Droussi H., Elatiqi O.K., Dlimi M., Dhaidah O., Ejjiyar M., Quaboul M., Dehhaze A., Fkhar S., Elamrani D., Benchamkha Y., Ettalbi S. - Maroc)
209 Free thin anterolateral thigh flap for post-burn neck contractures - a functional and aesthetic solution
(Sarkar A., Raghavendra S., Jeelani Naiyer M.G., Bhattacharya D., Dutta G., Bain J., Asha J. - India)
215 Burns from ECG leads in an MRI scanner: Case series and discussion of mechanisms
(Abdel-Rehim S., Bagirathan S., Al-Benna S., O'Boyle C. - UK)
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