Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters is published in four numbers per annum in the months of March, June, September and December.

You may request a subscription to the Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters directly online using Paypal or credit card as your payment method.

Subscription to the journal includes membership to the Euro-Mediterranean Council for Burns and Fire Disasters (MBC).

Remember that in order to pay using Paypal you must have a PayPal account. If you want to pay by credit card, then you must select "I do not have a Paypal account."

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Subscription Fee
Editorial fee for accepted manuscripts

Payment details are as follows:
- Subscription Fees: 200,00 EUR for one year.
- As of January 1st, 2023, the text editing fee for submitted manuscripts by authors from HICs and accepted after his ate will be 450 EUR. Text editing for manuscripts submitted by authors from LMICs will be 200 EUR. Provisions made for French manuscripts submitted by members of SFB remain unchanged as well.

Alternatively, you can pay the subscription fee via bank transfer (excluding bank charges) to the following account:
IBAN: IT22R0200804642000102196534

Once payment has been made, it is necessary for you to send the payment details by email to the MBC secretary at

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